Friday, 21 September 2012

The amusement park!Liseberg!

When Pernilla was in Uganda,she gave me her Ipod on which she had a number of Swedish records.I liked them all,but I liked one the most.Veronica Maggio!Who doesn't?

That song Jag kommer!
Of course I had had to get the English translation of it.I liked the song even better.eheeeeeeee!!!

And now Veronica Maggio was performing at Liseberg.I had missed the Manchester united versus Barcelona match and the Bruce Springsteen concert at the same venue weeks before we come.The Maggio concert was just Perfect!

First we went to verious places in the amusement park.Oh the atmosphere!Am glad Pernilla didn't take us there.I dared the rollacosta.Oh my God,the butterflies in my stomach.It reminded me of the first flight at take off!But atleast I did it and now I know.Next was the ghost house.Pernilla tricked us into it saying we were to buy things there.It at was not all scarly to me.We are used to darkness in Africa so the boys disguised as ghosts didn't leave any effect on me.

Then it was the big thing! Jag kommer!Jag kommer!Jag kommer!Um um um...

Oh what a day!


Liseberg from above.Atmosphere in the background.



  1. It was a great day! In swedish the title of the song is "Jag kommer". But your swedish is getting better and better!
    Here is a link to the website for Liseberg.

    It is a fantastic amusement park with a lot of great concerts too. Check it out during the winter!!

  2. Hey heard the songs on that ipod too its amazing that you realY GOT to see a live concert from her.
    Just keep those tales coming.

  3. When I go back(in case I go back) may be I will see Bryan Adams!Dreamzzz!!!