Tuesday, 18 September 2012

First walk in town on our own

Now we thought we were brave enough to take our first walk in town on our own.We had nothing else to do so this was a perfect  preoccupation.
Anyone  visiting Gothenburg  for the first time needs a map.I still think that if we hadn’t brought one, we would have got lost.We took the bus into town and used the bus card on our own.Pernilla had had to write down the steps on a paper.Having done this a number of times now I think it is so easy,but the first time was really…
The  drive into town(from Pernilla’s apartment) is about fifteen minutes.Once in town,we only dared to walk on streets we had been before with Pernilla so that we would find our way to the bus stop again on our way back.
What adventure!Did we tell anyone that we got lost on our way back?We must have come off the bus at a different bus-stop and had to walk round and round  to find Pernilla’s house.Why didn’t we look at the map.Now you know!
The boats


Walking a familiar road.
The magnificent Ulevi.


  1. So that is were you got lost!! On the way back... You have to come back and practice going on the bus!! That is another reason:-)

  2. I won't get lost next time.I promise!