Monday, 10 September 2012

First day in Sweden

First day in Sweden

"Welcome to Sweden!" Screamed Pernilla and Helena,two teachers and friends of ours waiting for us at the Airport "How did it go?How was your first flight?"they said taking pictures of us as we dragged our suite cases into the new-arrivals' hall.They had been waiting anxiously wondering if we had got lost up there.

"It was really scarely at take off." We explained."Those butterflies one gets in his stomach!Ugh!But once up in the air,it is like sitting on Elgon flyers-the bus plying between Mbale and Kampala"
We then drove into the town.What was my first impression of Gothenburg? It seemed to me that there were  trees everywhere until we got to the city centre.Oh my God!The roads!Everything is planned!That remained my biggest 'shock' of Sweden the whole time.
Touch down!

At Macdonald having first meal.You can tell that we were dead hungry!

Pernilla's apartment,where we were to stay.