Friday, 28 September 2012


I have been to two countries in Europe, Sweden and Denmark! Can you believe it? Actually Belgium too, because we touched down in Brussels on our flight to Sweden.That is a clan record! Yes!But I would like to talk about Denmark this time.

Two weeks in Sweden. Time to see a neighbouring country. Denmark! On a Sunday morning, we went on a ferry ‘Steinaline’. So big to even take big tracks. It has a supermarket,bars,a games area, etc. We took Pernilla’s car so we could drive around Freidriksham, the town in Denmark that we were to visit. The view is so beautiful as the ferry comes out of Gothenburg harbour especially under the big bridge connecting to parts of the city.
On the ferry.
The water stretches on and on
 For breakfast, we brought with us tea, juice, snacks and the famous meat balls. For three hours we were on the ferry, in the middle of the ocean! Wow! I was beginning to get nervous so I walked round to the different areas on the ferry. I spent quite some time at the games area. Then I went up on the deck.I felt dizzy for a moment. I remembered Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic. I almost screamed out loud 'welcome to Ameri...Denmark!'

Suddenly, we started seeing parts of Denmark. What adventure! Just like one of those jungle adventures though this time at sea.Then there were these big navy ships close to us. It was the first time I was seeing soldiers here. Why were they there? We didn’t stay long enough to find out.

After the ferry had docked, we drove out straight into Denmark. We went through Freidriksham to this place where two oceans meet. I honestly fell in love with this place. The sand, the ocean which stretched  as far as your eyes could see. I think many lovers propose her! There were even two sea creatures to welcome us - seals! I didn’t want to leave, but we had a game to watch. Liverpool versus Arsenal. I actually watched a premiership game in Denmark!! I can always walk with my head up and stretch my hands like Usain Bolt.

Beautiful?Isn't it?
The seals!Um!!
Me and the seals.






  1. It is soooo beautiful! I have always loved that place! The open ocean is so dramatic and beautiful! I could never live enywere else!

  2. Nice to hear about your adventure! I also love seals - they seem so helpless, lying there like on the sand. Their facec are so small and thier eyes so bright and clever. That´s what I think.

    Hope you and Mathias are fine and that we will meet again!