Tuesday, 11 September 2012


On Saturday,Pernilla took us round Gothenburg.We took the bus to the town which was in itself a shock!The bus arrives on time and you don't have to stop it!Also,it does not wait for passengers.The next bus comes after ten minutes.You use a bus card to pay for the trip,not cash.Efficient!From the stop we walked to the ocean and had a view of ships and boats,then walked to Gothenburg opera just next to the ocean.There was a free performance as if to welcome us to Gothenburg.

Pernilla also took us to a big shopping mall in town.I think the biggest I have seen.Before this,we had seen very few people in the town but here there were so many shopping.Outside, there was yet another eye-catching event.The cultural week.People from all over Europe and other parts of the world were in this open square to see various traditional food types displayed by food sellers.We got to taste different food.

On the bus.

   The ocean.

Gothenburg Opera

Feeling the ocean breeze.

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