Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mushroom picking

After church,we went mushroom picking."It is one of the oldest Swedish traditions,"Carina, Pernilla's friend explained.It is also one of the top summer activies.Carina is really nice.She talks,talks and talks.She has been to Tanzania and Zimbabwe.She'll be in Botswana soon

As we drove through the forest,we saw that several people had parked cars to pick mushrooms.Trees,trees,trees...There was forest everywhere.We drove for an hour to meet Erika,Pernilla's best friend.She and her boyfriend,Johan, had gone to the countryside where Bella,Erika's youngest daughter was.

Later,Bella showed us through the forest.We searched and searched, but didn't find any edible mushrooms.But we were not too sad.Atleast we got blue berries.We had a little picnic.It is nice and quiet in the forest!Peaceful.


A horse!
Hunting the mushrooms.
The only mushrooms we got were poisonus ones.
Blue berries.Yummy!

Mr nice guy Johan!

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  1. It was sad that we didn't find any mushrooms... I will go back and try again next weekend, hoping for better luck then!