Tuesday, 25 September 2012


We were going to see another town in Sweden.Halmstad- in the south of Sweden!Pernilla's home town.What was most exciting was we were finally going to meet her parents!

So on a Friday afternoon,we drove south.Actually,I didn't see much along the way as I kept dozing.We had slept late the previous night.But I remember the big plantations and the horses. The landscape there is flat,unlike what we had seen in Gothenburg.

One hour and we were in Halmstad!First impression.Small town.Few people.

I was also finally meeting Malin,One of Pernilla's childhood friends(They are still friends.Can you believe it?)You know before coming to Sweden,I had this big big dream of exporting Nile beer to Sweden(The best beer in the world.It still is,even after trying the many beers in Sweden)Malin works with a malt company so thought she would be a good associate.I still haven't given up on my dream even though I didn't get the immediate breakthrough.

So we first drove to see Malin's work place.Two towers overlooking the ocean.She took us around.We saw the many many stages the malt goes through.Brewers deserve lots of respect!
We then drove in to town to Malin's house then...

Then to Pernilla's parents' house.Nice and cosy!What nice people!They welcomed us like they knew us already.Pernilla's is such a lovely man.He tells jock after jock.You can't be bored neer him.
The day we left I felt I had to ask him how they had been able to raise such good children.

"You see if you are good parents,you will always have good children,"He said.
Pernilla next to her father.

                            Later that day,Pernilla also took us to her favourite hangouts.
We met Tony,another of her  friends and cousin.

Drinking beer.

On the boat,fishing and eating.

Pernilla swimming in the ocean

The pub where we met Tony.
Watching a live band in the pub.They played several swedish hits and then
 Micheal Jackson's Black or White...Awesome!
The next day we partied till late in the night at Malin's house.Many of Pernilla's friends were there.Tony,Ana(another of her childhood friends),Malin's husband.Did I say any thing about their house?Wonderful!The basement!And then the kids.They couldn't get enough of us.I think they were wondering who those 'muzungu'(White person in Africa)were.Finally we were getting Muzungu attention.Swedish people are 'colour blind'Malin had to cook up lies for them to go to bed.
The kids!
Good people.
So many bottles that you couldn't see the table cloth!


  1. Oh! I miss the summer and swimming in the sea... It is autumn here now. Rain and wind... But a lot of beautiful colours on the leaves.

  2. I saw the plants change colour while I was there.It really beautiful

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