Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Food! Um yammy!

"What do swedish people eat?"
Yes,meatballs will feature in a complete blog post soon.As you may have seen.they even are my blog address. We had different dishes,but one of the many that I'll remember for a long time is the babaque.Not just the food,but mostly for the way it is done.It reminded me a lot of home.It is roasted outdoors on charcoal and eaten together with corn and potatoes.I like the social part.You get to talk play games and drink beer while the food cooks.

Nice and red!
Two lovely neighbours

On one occassion,we tried to find matooke(green bananas).They are one of the most common food in Uganda.We eat roasted meat with roasted matooke.Pernilla's neighbour,Cerita(She is really kind and funny) was able to find us some in the store where she works.We were really excited to eat 'home food' in Sweden.However,it turned out that it was not our type of matooke.When roasted,it was too hard to eat!But we were not at all sad.We enjoyed the food all the same.


  1. I'm happy you liked our food! Even though the Matooke was not the same as home...